Monday, February 19, 2007

seeing red

time to be house bitch and get my chores done tonight before wife gets home. why not mindless work; it has been weeks since my pecker has seen a pussy and my hand - well lets just say we are bored with each other.

what to do first? dishes - there we go, mindless but can make the kitchen look so much better and like I tried to do something. on goes the ipod, warm up the water and stack the sink.

soon my mind drifts; wanders, melts away from the task at hand; which image will I grab at evening.

mmm - good choice WIH.

I see red, just a fuzzy image of red. such a perfect color - power, anger, lust, prosperity; both cupid and devil - the flush color of excited flesh. slowly the image of your ass, that beautiful ass covered in shiny red panties. swaying back and forth.

the hot water burns over my skin as the soapy spunge glides over the first plate. my hand reaches out to touch that ass, and mmm, those red panties. my fingers barely get to feel that smooth, soft flesh before you slap my hand away. looking back at me with your smokey stare. your hair spilling down and hiding part of your face.

I watch as your finger drifts back between your legs, lingering, barely brushing against the material; a throaty moan escapes from your mouth. your finger lingers, pressing against your crotch, grinding your finger against yourself, pushing your panties into your sweet pussy. your tits swaying, brushing against the sheets.

your fingers slides between your panties and flesh. i can see a wet spot from your fingers circiling your cunt. i watch as your fingers fuck yourself, then two. each pushing in as far as they can and pulling back out. i can only watch the material stretch and snap back, your moans filling my ears.

with a moan you pull your fingers out, staring off in the distance as you waft them under your nose and then reach out and smear them under mine. I smell both the sweet smell of your ass and musky scent of your pussy. as you pass by you coo in my ear "have fun little man" as I watch you slink away fading away with my vision.

BITCH! i drop the plate i am holding into the sink. i pull my soapy hands from the sink and unbuckle my belt, my other hands pull on the top of my jeans, it seems as if all 5 buttons spring open at once. my cock flexs out of my boxers. mmm, my soapy fingers grasp around my harden cock, the other hand leaning against the counter. slowly pulling and feeling it harden to it full size. aaaahhh, tight grip, slow tugs.

I crack the back door and grab a handful of snow. i slam the door closed and push my pants down pressing the handful of snow against my balls. i feel them leap up inside of me. I glide the snow up to my base, rubbing it back and forth against my balls. The sensation of cold soon begins to burn, as if someone was holding a flame under my cock.

I loosen my grip and jerk faster. I rub the snow between my balls and between my ass. i can feel the melting snow run down my legs. the cold traveling down my body. the snow melts and my finger drags between my ass cheeck against my asshole and back to my balls. trying to warm them in the tight pocket they are hiding in.

my wet hand replaces my right one. the cold lube of the snow against my warm flesh. watching those fingers cross my face, under nose, against my skin.

fuck, the first time in days a real orgasm. mmmm, my warm cum against my cold hand.

the cold tempering the heat, the heat taming the cold.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A B C's of Kinky Sex

A song I haven't been able to hear enough of and wanted to share. Maybe I will come up with my own version soon. Until then, lust.

Y and Z
Oh how happy you will be once I teach you my ABC

A is for asphyxiation you won't catch your breath
B is for the blindfold that keeps you dark as death
C is for your cockroach that I squash beneath my shoe,
while I watch you wiggle and laugh at you (ha ha)
D is for my dildo that you will learn to blow
E is for your enema, I control the flow
F is for my flogger, I whip you so violent
G is for the gag in place to keep your screaming silent
H is for humiliation that you must bear
I will imobilize you in my sexual lair
J is for your jizzy, jerking tendency
K for kisses
L for love, and licks you offer me
M is for the manacles imprisoned in your feet
N is for your nelly little nimby so sweet
O is for the O-rings holding you in place
P is for the persperation dripping down your face
Q is for the quirk I use to whip your eager ass
R is for restraints to make the magic last
S is for sweet suffering that only you will know
T is for the torment that keeps you on the go
U is for unbridaled lust that only I control,
as I claim for my own your body, mind and soul
V is for the vicious urge to struggle in vain,
while I tease and tantalize you and eroticise your pain
W is where the wily woman walks
X is for excruciating X rated talk
Y is your the yo yo I yank upon your string,
watch you yell and holler with all the pleasure that it brings
Z is for the zestfulness with which you will submit,

Now I've taught you every letter so remember all of it!

Twinkle twinkle little slut, now I spank your naughty butt
Once I've warmed it you will cry, and I'll wipe your teary eye
Don't forget the lessons learned or your rumpsticks will be burned.

A-B-C you and me
K-I-N-K spells S-E-X
ABC's of S-E-X
F-U-N spells K-I-N-K

Ba ba black sheep in my school,
you'll be shorn of all your wool,
a lesson in submission another in pain,
after graduation things will never be the same.
You'll become my grumbling fool,
drowning in a puddle of your own drool.

A-B-C you and me
Y and Z
Oh how happy I will be, once I teach you the kinky ABC
A-B-C you and me
A-B-C you and me

-Lords of Acid

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For G

I sit here with my cock; hard and wanting, balls boiling with desire and cum. My desire for you and your sex. Wanting to please, wanting to fill a part of the desire that runs so deep in you.

I barely know you yet I want to enter your world and please you.

To make you wet to the point where you are beside yourself, as much as I want to touch myself right now, but won't until I am done with this. I don't want you to touch yourself while reading it.

Imaging your hand gripping my cock, using it to pull me across the room. You push me on the bed. Your touch makes me even harder. You run your nails down my neck and across my chest. I can feel the sharp edge as they graze across my body.

You sit across from me in a chair rubbing yourself through your panties. Legs only spread enough so your hand has access and I have no view. I can smell you, your sex fills my nose. Pinching your nipples, rolling them until they are as hard as pebbles. Pulling, tugging at them. I slowly stroke myself watching you, my balls aching for relief. I am hypnotized by the movement of your body.

"Stop" is the only word you hiss at me.

You slowly open your legs. The front of your panties look like you peed them - soaked with your sex. I can see your hand moving under the material. As I sit open mouthed, you give me a wicked smile. You know what I desire, you know what I can give. You pull them aside so I can see you gently playing with yourself. You know the power you have and use it for to fill your desire. You pull them down and toss them to me.

"Smell them"

I put them to my nose. The smell is heaven - a sticky, heavy musky smell, and makes my dick twitch. I want you even more now. I stick my tongue out to taste you on them. My head goes dizzy. I hold them under my nose only wanting to breath in, wanting you in me. I open my eyes and look back at you, watching you.

You have your legs spread wide, I have an unfettered view of your beautiful, perfect pussy. That perfect patch of bush, your folds of flesh that is your pussy. Running your finger up and down your soaked slit, it glides with ease. It is so swollen and red, red with the fire of your wants.

"This is what you want isn't it?" you ask me - sliding a finger into your cunt. Then two, slowly fucking yourself.

"As much as you want this" I stroke my cock towards you.

"I don't want that" you try and tell me but your pussy and eyes reveil your truth. Your eyes burn with a want I have only seen one other time in my life.

I crawl towards you, your sex smelling stronger and stronger. I want to crawl up inside you and be covered with you. I get between your legs, biting on your thighs, your flesh gives to my teeth. Your fingers have your lips spread and a finger rubbing your solid clit. I try and move closer to taste it. With your other hand you hold back my hand. Allowing me to see and smell but not taste. You tease me even more by sliding two fingers all the way in, rotating them. Pulling them out I can see them glisten with you. You hold one under my nose and push the other into my mouth, rotating it. My tongue washes your finger wanting more. My cock is ready to explode on its own with my lust for you right now.

"On the bed fuck toy" you growl in my ear.

I get up and lay down. You hoover over me, holding my cock, but not moving it. Only adding to its pain right now not adding to its relief but making my desire burn even hotter. You slide your hand up as you let go. Dropping forward you pin my arms at my shoulders with your knees. Once again, your pussy is just out of reach. Your nails come up my sides, digging in more and more; once you reach my nipples, they are as hard as I am right now. You tug at them, wanting to rip them off of me. You lower yourself on my face, sliding back and forth, my tongue lapping up everything I can, my face becoming slick with you. You grind your hips on my face, my tongue finding its way up into you. You grab handfuls of my hair and pull me into you. I look up and see your head thrown back, eyes closed and teeth grinding. You grunt when you release your grip. That lustful grunt that you have cum, but not as hard as you want to, not as deep yet.

I can take it no longer. I want to take you. I catch you off gaurd and push you off of me. I kneel before you inbetween your legs looking at the object of my desire. Staring into your eyes and into your mind. Without warning I thrust into you, I grab your knees and press them back towards you shoulders. Each thrust has purpose, each one with power. I pick up the rythmn, pounding that perfect pussy. Trying to fill that void where your desires rests.

I can hear you cum again. I am so close. The next thing I know you twist around and push me out of you.

You lie there gasping for breath. Get up and start to walk away. I sit there so close, balls aching, causing physical pain.

"Keep the panties you offer"

Of course I will be have a look of, look of I can't even describe it. You have a wicked look, you got what you wanted. A smile that is sheer evil at this point. You know your power.

"Next time it will be your turn to cum, I promise" with a wink you walk into the night.